Editor Demo Reel

This is a collection of work I've done which shows my diverse editing abilities.
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  • “Halo: Archetype” Teaser Trailer
    “Halo: Archetype” Teaser Trailer
    This trailer is for an independent short film I'm developing based around the epic video game franchise "Halo". I wrote, directed, edited, VFX composited, and even put the costume together. This was shot by a crew of three in under four hours on zero budget. The trailer has over 67k views on Youtube and has been featured on various gaming and entertainment websites. Edited in Adobe Premiere and the compositing was done in After Effects.
  • “Reunion” Feature Film Trailer
    “Reunion” Feature Film Trailer
      I was one of the editors for psychological thriller-horror film “Reunion”. I also co-edited, sound designed, and created the graphics for this trailer.
  • Dialog and Action Scene
    Dialog and Action Scene
    Two short scenes from an independent feature film I edited.
  • “Stacy Clark- Sign” Music Video
    “Stacy Clark- Sign” Music Video
    Official "Sign" music video for singer-songwriter Stacy Clark off her album Patterns. Directed by Ivan Ives and shot on the RED ONE and Canon 5D. This video is airing on MTV, MTVU, MTV2, Fuse, Music Choice, and more.
  • “Shady Lane” Feature Film Trailer
    “Shady Lane” Feature Film Trailer
    Trailer I edited for a feature film titled Shady Lane, which I also edited in its entirety.
  • Malkovich f. Sum- “What I Know” Music Video
    Malkovich f. Sum- “What I Know” Music Video
    Music video I edited for independent rapper Malkovich. Shot on Canon 5D. Directed by Ivan Ives.


Want to see more videos of my work?

I have more videos on my reel that contain exclusive content that I can’t show on this page. To request a password to view the videos, please use my contact form. Thanks!